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Are Protective Styles Good for Hair Growth?

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Are Protective Styles Good for Hair Growth?
I know it seems as if the term protective styles can be overused and honestly not truthful sometimes, but one of the questions I constantly hear is, “How are so many women dealing with hair loss if they are always in protective styles?” Well the answer is simple! Protective styles like braids, sew ins, and wigs are only protective if you are taking the necessary steps to keep it healthy. If your hair isn’t properly taken care of, then the growth and health of the hair is purely a gamble.


Here are a few tips to ensure that your “protective style” is going to be a great option for your hair needs.  

1.) When it’s tight, it ain’t right! Believe it or not you don’t need to pop an aspirin to get through a sew-in or box braids ok ladies? Pain is an indication that something is not right, so painless is the standard form from here on out.
2.) Let your hair breathe! It’s so easy to keep a good thing going when it comes to hair, but trust me your natural hair needs some loving too. So, in between protective styles, be sure to get a good deep conditioning treatment and allow your hair to breath in its natural state for at least a few days.
3.) Always add moisture to your hair! Moisture can include water, oils, gels, foams and/or hydrating creams. The LOC Method is a great way to help your hair retain moisture. Always remember that the scalp and the hair thrive off of moisture; so make sure to give it as much moisture as you can without making your hair greasy.
4.) Trims and cuts are necessities! It is important to get a regular haircut or trim every 6 to 8 weeks. For example, if you leave your protective style in for two months, when you take it out, be sure to get a trim and then if you decide to go back into a protective style you know your hair is healthy, will continue to grow and nothing is splitting in the process.                        
5.) Go to a professional! Now we all know there’s a lot of kitchen beauticians that can get down on some braids, wigs, crochets, etc. for a great price, but the reality is professional hairstylists understand much more than just styling when it pertains to hair. If a protective style is something that you want to do for an extended amount of time, make sure you’re in a professional’s hand when it comes to the care and the growth of your hair.


Let me know what you all think! 

Love & Light 



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  • This is great! 👌🏽

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