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Caring for Conscious Curls Hair?

How often should we cleanse CC hair?
For hair that is used daily, shampooing once a week is recommended for optimal longevity.
How to care for Conscious Curls Hair?
Conscious Curls hair is simply maintained by:
• Cleansing it frequently based on use
• Detangling with a detangling conditioner and allowing to air dry. If the hair is oily or dry, that it a good indication it is time to be cleansed.

Before Shampooing:
• Detangle the hair and rinse in a downward motion.
• A clarifying shampoo is recommended for oily hair and a moisturizing shampoo for curly textures.
How long does the hair lasts?
Conscious Curls hair usually lasts up to 2 years with proper care.

Caring for your Natural Hair

How often should we cleanse our natural hair?
You typically should cleanse your natural hair about once a week. Even if you have a weave or wig braid down. You still want to find ways to cleanse your scalp between 1 to 2 weeks max just so that you are clearing all of the debris off and getting all the buildup off so that the hair and scalp can thrive at its best.
Is peanut oil good for seborrhea dermatitis?
Peanut oil has been commonly recommended for managing scalp conditions. It’s best however to consult with a dermatologist for accurate suggestion in solving seborrhea dermatitis.
How often to trim and how much should be trimmed?
With trims you are really focusing on removing the splitting and helping balance a preexisting shape. So what you are looking for is the place on the ends that will remove white buds, splitting hairs, thinning or a discrepancy in lengths. The amount that needs to be cut varies based on the condition of the hair. 

How often to trim:
6-8 weeks is ideal, no more than 3 months max. if you go longer than that a trim turns into a full-blown haircut because there has been too much time in between where the hair has the potential to break more dramatically.

Power Texture

What are the best styling products for power texture?
Use "Protective Styles" line for detangling and cleansing.

Leave-in detangling spray, setting foam, and the hair bath are all good options for power texture. Heavy cremes and gels are not necessary to maintain the curls.  LEARN MORE

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