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So big and comfortable to hold as well on my hair. Great price for great quality. Love the sleekness and everything about it . Favorite brush!

Nice products, i would have liked if ponytail and headband wig felt more secure .

Beautiful curls

Love my hair

U-Part Crowns
Gorgeous curls

I got my u-part wig and it looked gorgeous out of the bag! The quality is beautiful and blends well with my natural hair. It was easy to make an appointment at the Conscious Curls Salon to get it colored to match my hair and trimmed so I can throw it on for a night out or a day of zoom calls.

U-Part Crowns
A. C
Color Nice; Way Too Big

I thought the wig was ok, but way too big for the average sized head. When I reached out to the business by email and Dm, for the sizing band to be sent to me that was missing from my order, I received no response. If they helped resolve it that would’ve been great but I wouldn’t purchase again due to the poor customer service. If people can’t fit the wigs, they need to address that if they’re working toward customer satisfaction. Feels like a waste of money and I expected more from the business.

Hair Quality is Great.

Love the hair. But the cap is a bit small. You will definitely need to twist or braid you hair down.

Strength Bundle
Breanna Ross

Hair was very soft, didn't shed very much at all. Look great and blended it well with my blown out natural hair. Blow dries and curls very well.

Paige/ Energy
B Williams

This is my 3rd unit and it just keeps getting better and better

Loved the color

Color matching was perfect. I have zero complaints, it’s matches my hair and I’m happy. Picking up my product after it was colored was difficult and took 4 text messages three emails and 1 DM. That’s my only complaint. I understand staffing issues, but if you send an email stating it’s ready and to text a number and nobody responds then things get weird. Other than that I’m happy with my purchase.

Strength Crown
This hair/wig is amazing!

Where do I start!? This hair/wig is amazing! I have a strength texture, dyed jet black and my stylist cut it for me. So lets get to it…. Do yourself a favor and invest in your convenient Glow-Up…. I will never get another sewin❤️

- Ease of putting on the wig 
Super beginner friendly (I am a first time wig wearer). I wanted a more snug fit so I went to YouTube and saw how to shorten the wig (sew the bottom rows together), and how to add two more clips in the front. This entire process took me 10min and less than $5 for supplies at the beauty supply. 
- Quality of Hair
My hair texture is 4b/4c so I wanted a texture that would mimic my natural hair straightened, Strength texture matches PERFECTLY! I wear my wig behind the hairline to give the sewin/natural look, and I can’t tell you how awesome it is that when it’s extra humid, my hair is still blending! No tangling issues, minimal shedding, a natural low sheen that again matches my natural hair when straightened. 
- Repurchase Probability 

I ABSOLUTELY will be purchasing another piece (I have the headband wig in power as well). And because of the quality I feel extra comfortable and adventurous and will be venturing out and getting some kind of ombré.

U-Part Crowns
Game changer!

I finally purchased my first crown! It's soft, beautiful, and super easy fro a newbie like me. Changed the game for my gym days!

Conscious Pillowcases

Simple and beautiful

I purchased these a while back and never used them. I recently put them in and now I never want to go out without them!!!!!! They are so easy to put in and they blend so well with my hair. If you are considering getting them, DO IT!! You won't regret it.

Thank you so much for your review! We would love to see pictures of you rocking your clip ins!

Power Plus Ponytails
Rashida Hawthorne
My best purchase yet!

It’s so easy to use! I wear it in any occasion. The strength texture is my favorite as 3 or my 4 other conscience curl pieces are in the strength texture. I want a power texture next.

Love my new ponytail

Conscious curls hair does not disappoint. The strength ponytail was my latest purchase and I absolutely love it!! The shipping was super fast and the hair is super high quality. My next purchase will be the upart wig. Thank you so much for high quality hair.!

Love this hair and it smells soooo good

Love this hair and it smells soooo good. I would love to know what you use in it. Can I buy it?

I'm a Fan

This is my 3rd set of strength clips I have purchased and I decided to get a shorter length this time. I love them and love love the smell. The only small thing is that it is not as full as the first 2 sets I purchased previously but still love them.

Selena /20" Strength
I'm Obsessed

This crown is beautiful!! The quality is amazing, the shipping was fast, and it was so easy to install. I'm so excited to build my hair wardrobe with Conscious Curls.

Highly disappointed

Wish I could get my money back

Texture Not What I expected BUT Good Quality

The texture of my Quick Crown (Power) is a lot more coarse than expected. From the descriptions and pictures I was expecting a 3B/3C curl pattern but I received more of a 4A curl pattern. Although it doesn't match my texture, nor was it what I expected, it is a very nice quality wig. You definitely get what you pay for (in a good way)!

Peace Clip-In Extensions
Kimberly Arnold
Love This Hair

The Peace clip-in extensions are an awesome blend with my natural hair! 👌🏾


I have been doing the same "vacation braids" since I was ten (over 25 years) but I tried the quick crown (Strength) this morning and it really changed my life. I have had two of the quick crowns for about 6 months and was too stuck in my ways to try it til now. Thank you for the quick crown-centered content (IG) cuz it really gave me the confidence I needed to feel comfortable in a new look.

Strength Crown
Melissa Donald

Strength Crown

Highly recommend

The very best! Will definitely purchase again. Also, I had a few questions about the hair type received great expert service.

Quick Crown - Power
Alma Manning

This was my first wig and I love it!

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